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What is an Audio Mixer?

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An audio mixer is the person in charge of integrating and mixing the individual tracks into a cohesive whole. This is done through the use of a Digital Audio Workstation (DAW) software application and in a professional studio environment.

The savvy audio mixer sticks to one DAW and knows it truly, madly, deeply. This is to ensure that he or she can quickly recall the exact parameters of the last mix session and not waste time readjusting everything from scratch each new time.

A typical analog or modern digital audio mixer features input and output jacks that connect to external pieces of equipment, microphones, recording devices and headphones. The most important feature of a digital mixer is its instant “recall,” which allows the user to instantly load up the exact mix settings from when it was saved. Analog mixers require each knob, switch and fader to be manually re-adjusted in order to restore the previous mix.

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Many audio mixers also include a bus assignment area, which is used to route signals to specific destinations on the console. This can be to an external piece of gear, audio subgroups or the master section. The master section often contains dynamic effects such as compressors and gates, which are used to even out the volume of a track (making loud parts louder, and soft parts quieter) or remove unwanted frequencies from the sound.

The participants in the study both applied equalisation and compression changes to the string section and background vocal group tracks during their respective sessions. They both employed effect send plug-ins, but the proportion of time devoted to each of the four mix elements differed between the two participants. This was mainly in response to the different ways in which the clients provided feedback and the subsequent impact on their mixing approach.

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