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How to Select a Digital Audio Mixer

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A audio mixer is an audio equipment device that allows multiple sound sources to be plugged in and routed in various ways. It can be used for recording, live play or both. A audio mixer can also contain various effects like reverb or delay, which can be used to create a certain sound or effect.

Most audio mixers deal with analog signals, which are effectively alternating electrical currents that have waveforms similar to those of sound waves. But some also deal with digital signals, which are represented as discrete samples of continuous analog signals. Both digital and analog mixers have inputs and outputs.

Each channel on a audio mixer is configured to accept a variety of different levels of signal, which is determined by the knobs and switches engaged. For instance, the mic input may be set to accept mic level signals, -10 line level signals or +4 line level signals. The mixer can also have a switch that determines whether the input signal is polarity-flipped (reversed) or not. A polarity-flipped signal is required for some types of microphones to work properly.

Audio mixer also often have a group send button. These buttons usually appear on the channel faders and allow a channel to be sent to one or more groups of outputs, such as two channels that are grouped together to send a stereo mix to speakers. Mixers also generally have a main volume control and channel faders, which are usually either knobs or sliders. Channel faders adjust the level of a channel's output to the master mix and, ultimately, the main outputs.

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A digital audio mixer takes analog inputs and converts them into digital data. It then has processors to manipulate the sound and add effects before it outputs the final product. A few digital mixers also have a computer connection that lets you control the mixing board with software.

Digital systems can resist noise and signal degradation better than analog ones. Noise lurks in long cable runs, it can be introduced by microphones and is unavoidable in any sound system. Because a digital signal is just zeroes and ones, it resists changes more than analog signals. Each of the mixer's channels has a preamp to boost its incoming signal to a healthy level for playback or recording.

An audio interface mixer is the perfect way to hook up all of your gear and record a whole song into your DAW. If you want to make the craziest post-future-dub-folk track ever, an audio mixer lets you connect all of your drum machines, synths and microphones together so you can hear what you’re creating. You can then use the mixer’s outputs to send your mix out into your speakers or monitors, and you can also record all of the individual tracks into your computer for further editing.

audio mixer

Before you begin, make sure the mixer and interface are both turned off while forming the connection. Also, make sure to match the inputs and outputs on both devices so that you’re using the correct cables. There are three main types of cable ports: XLR, 1/4 inch and RCA. Ideally, you’ll be using an XLR cable (or the equivalent). This is because it is a balanced connection and will reduce any potential noise problems from long wire runs.

Find the line inputs on your mixer, which are usually found near the XLR ports for each channel and fit 6.35 mm audio jacks. Plug the end of your instrument’s cable into one of the line inputs and the other end into the first output on your mixer, which is labeled “L”. Then adjust the pan knob to center the sound in the left or right speaker. You can then adjust the gain knob on each channel for the best mix.

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