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LAIKESI CS4000 Professional stage equipment high power amplifier

LAIKESI Professional Amplifiers redefine audio precision and style. With advanced technology and sleek design, we offer a superior sound experience for enthusiasts and professionals, setting new standards in amplification.Click to view more exciting styles.
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      CS Series Features:

1. CS Series amplifier models include traditional functions: short circuit, overload, over current, DC output, soft start, current fuse protection, transformer overheating protection and fan Zengshou different is that the thermal detection, overload DC detection for multi-point crossover detection, protection action is more sensitive, more reliable. Distinctive shutdown protection, detection pilot AC voltage shutdown protection, and relay eliminate spark protection features to extend the life of the relay, and enhanced use of effects.

2. CS Series amplifier in the high-power models using only two small fans(80*80mm) for amplifier cooling, in normal circumstances is the work of the half speed, which can reflect the heat of the whole machines is very low, which means high efficiency and the output circuit Under low pressure, low temperature environment, with high reliability.

3. is the sensitivity of the whole input signal of the CS Series amplifier’s high- tech and user – friendly design embodiment of the adaptive audio processing while adding compression limiter function, band-pass filtering, the sense of hearing incentive function, and thus machine completely eliminates clipping, and beautify the sense of hearing, and at the same time with high- tech machine structure is still smooth introduction.

4. of CS Series amplifier for each channel and then the two 8 ohm speakers, and significantly improve the use of the machine.

Stereo power8Ω600W×2
Stereo power4Ω950W×2
Bridge power8Ω1200W×1
Frequency Response20Hz-20KHz±0.5dB
Signal to Noise>104dB
Input Impedance0.775V
Output CircuitryClassH
CoolingTwo variable speed fans,rear-to-front air flow
Power Requirements110V,120V,220V,240V 50-60Hz

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