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Microver 4 MIC 4 best Professional digital effector audio processor

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Why we can sell more than 700 pieces of in a month?

Let me answer to your question!

1.We use the high quality materials ,even though it will cut down our profit.

2.We are the only one supplier who produce the MIC4 directly in our city.

3.Up to now,we have not received any bad news from our customers who buy this machine.

The Description of the Mi4 Pre-signal distributor

1.The MicroVerb4 is designed to provide a wide variety of great-sounding,easy-to-use effects for small studios,engineers and performing musicians.

2.The key to icroVerb 4's power is in its simplicity.It offers 200 programs that include everything from high-quality reverb.delay,chorus,and flange to exciting multieffects and more.

The Feature of the Mi4 Pre Signal distributor

.200Programs chock-full of the professional effects
.100User program banks so you can customize to your liking
.Perfect for studio of all sizes ,and musicians of all kinds
.Up to three simultabeous effects for rich multi-effects
.Pro-grade 18 bitA-to-D and A processing ensures quality
.MIDI Input lets you change programs instantly from another source

Welcome to Join us! I have the full confidence to help you expand your market with our products and service.

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signal processing.

We warmly welcome customers from at home and abroad to cooperate with us for common success.

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