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Pre-signal distributor MIC4 PROCESSOR

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The specification of the new model---MI4

1. MicroVerb4 provides 100 thresholds and 100 user programs (a total of 200) to guarantee its excellent sound quality performance and effectiveness.

2. Microverb 4 provides you need effect, here you will find all the effect,
3. From high quality reverb, delay and chorus to multiple and dual transmission programs, it is for immediate integrated effect processing or otherwise.
4. With an 18-bit digital transducer, Microverb4 delivers the desired desired sound quality from the processor.
5. If you're looking for a device to modify your remix, Microverb 4 is a great choice.
6. Characteristics of Alesis Microverb4: input/output control. Mixing control. Left and right input level meters. 18 bit conversion.
7. Bypass, Lezlie speed (fast or slow) and pace control on foot switches. 100 threshold tests and 100 user programs. 8. The program is modified for use in variations, Sysex dumps and MIDI control of effect parameters. Reverberation, delay, chorus, edging 9. As well as the variations, Lezli and Autopan of pitch 10. And special effects parameters


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