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6 channel with USB/effect MX606D-power mixer amplifier audio controller table

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little mix power

Technical parameters:

1, the number of channels Channel: MX-606D: 6 road with Amplifier + USB

2, the power of the Power: 4Ω MX-606D: 300W × 2

3, frequency response frequency response: 20Hz-20khz

4, maximum output level Max output level: 20dBm

5, harmonic distortion T.H.D: ≤ '3 d0.1%

6, the signal-to-noise ratio S / N: 80dB

Performance characteristics

1, low noise 6/8/12/16 channel built-in digital effects stereo powered mixer

2,6 / 8/12/16 channel mono microphone and line balance input.

3, channel settings the INSERT and gain switch, 3-band EQ.

4, the master stereo 7-band graphic line

5,10 bit high precision level display, built-in digital delay effect.

6,2 group recording input and output, and listen to the headphone output.

7,1 group master (line) output and mono output.

8, digital effects reach ideal reverb State, this feature displays the status of the 16th file effect can be adjusted in.


1, with a digital display MP3 input

2, Double 7 equalizer

3, with a mute switch per channel

4, built-in 16 kinds of digital effects.

5, double the marshalling main output control

6, voice canceling function used for karaoke OK

7, the five sections of the effect level listening instructions

8, recording, headphone monitor output

9, 3-band EQ per channel

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