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Anti noise Shield Microphone Shield For recording studio

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Product Description

1. It effectively diffuses sound waves around the microphone.
2. Don't let the sound bounce off the microphone.
3. Sound insulation Angle can be adjusted as needed.
4. A variety of installation methods: desktop, floor type. The height of the bracket can be adjusted.
5. Easy to install and remove, easy to use.

Easy to carry soundproof enclosures   Three door soundproof enclosures   Foldable microphone isolation plate   Foldable foam soundproofing panel   Microphone recording soundproof board   Sound microphone windproofing  

Company Information

Microphone recording isolation board   Microphone isolator   Microphone baffle   Microphone windshield


Microphone windshield

Microphone baffle

Microphone isolator

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