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High Quality Karaoke Module Amplifier with Screen Power Amplifier Dj Professional Amplifier

LAIKESI Professional Amplifiers redefine audio precision and style. With advanced technology and sleek design, we offer a superior sound experience for enthusiasts and professionals, setting new standards in amplification.Click to view more exciting styles.
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High quality  karaoke module amplifier with screen power amplifier dj


CA series  have 2U-3U higher selection,and 225W-2900W power area,CA series had some pursuits for faster or reaction speed,higher of damping factor,greater function,higher level of protect function,production technology of SMD excellent component,Amplifier of CA series also can endure 2Ω stereo load, bridge 4Ω load,suit for drive line array speaker system.


MODEL CA+400 CA+500 CA+600 CA+800 CA+1100 CA+1300 CA+1500
Stereo Power/8Ω 350W×2 500W×2 600W×2 800W×2 1100W×2 1300W×2 1500W×2
Stereo Power/4Ω 500W×2 600W×2 780W×2 1200W×2 1800W×2 1950W×2 2500W×2
BTL/8Ω 1200W 1200W 1560W 2400W 3600W 3900W 4200W
Frequency response 20Hz-20Hz±0.3dB
THD+N <0.03%@8Ω 1KHz
S/N RATIO >95dB >95dB >95dB >93dB >93dB >93dB >93dB
Slew Ratio 30V/µS 30V/µS 30V/µS 40V/µS 44V/µS 44V/µS 44V/µS
Damping Factor >400 >400 >400 >300 >300 >300 >300
Output circuitry Class AB Class AB Class AB Class H Class H Class H Class H
Input Impendance >70dB@8Ω 1KHz
Input Sensitivity 0.775V/1.0V/1.4V
Protect Overheat short circuits,DC,limit and-softstart,Output replay-Zero Current Switch,Intellctual Clip Limiter
Gross weight 22KH 26KG 27.5KG 38KG 40.5KG 41.5KG 44KG
Height 2U 3U
Dimensions (W×H×D) MM 470×480×90(2U) 502×483×132(2U)

high quality stereo karaoke amplifier


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We warmly welcome customers from at home and abroad to cooperate with us for common success.

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